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Look! A new website

The all new AJBIS site in Adobe Illustrator

The all new AJBIS site in Adobe Illustrator

I last built my personal website while looking for a new job back in 2006! I created it in Flash and ActionScript 2 with dynamic ‘projects’ for easy updates using XML. Once I started at VCCP it was neglected, a few updates here and there. It’s now looking old. Mostly because it is in Flash!!!

So here it is. The new improved AJBIS 2012. It’s a WordPress site, designed in Adobe Illustrator and created with the help of  Thematic. I’ve even put the effort in to use HTML5 and some CSS3. It’s far from complete. I’ve outlined some plans below.



I’ve decided that a blog is the way forward. Why? My skillset is a mash-up of Illustration, Design and Development. When I add projects to my portfolio I’m faced with some interesting questions about how to say what I’ve actually contributed. Sometimes I’m the designer and the build is passed to others. Sometimes the design is done already and I’m just putting it all together. And occassionally I draw a few pictures for others to add to their designs. With a blog I can talk quite frankly about what I do, or have done, within posts. It’s also a much better vehilce for developer musing than a portfolio site. I can add a smattering of code, post a few user journeys or wireframes and either lightbox or link to an experimental goodies.


What’s missing

So it’s designed for modern browsers and degrades gracefully to IE8. That’s a good first step. It took a while to style all the CSS elements (especially <li> nesting with comment threads)! What I plan to do next is tidy a few things up a bit. The comment form is still good old HTML 4. Things like the ‘More’ button will be jazzed up (with a bit of sneaky jQuery). The footer is sparse and could do with some social media links. The whole thing will eventually be rejigged mobile. Finally, I’m going to add a bit of animation. The header is just calling out for it! But first I get to add some of the lovely things I’ve created.


Old stuff

How do I get all those older, but lovely projects from my old site into this one? As a blog it’s kinda reliant on the post date to give some chronology. I think the solution is to use tags like 90’s and 00’s. Keep an eye out for them. I’m only going to be adding my fav’s.


To the future

“Onward and upwards” I say! I hope ya’ll pop in every now and then and see what I’ve created. Thanks for reading :-)

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