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Energizer Europe 2005

The Energizer Europe homepage 2005!

The Energizer Europe homepage 2005!

When Energizer asked Them London for a Europe wide website our small team divided up the tasks. The Back-end Developer Fed set to work on the multilingual CMS and set about creating a new design.

The pre-2005 site wasn’t a bad site. It was one of those sites that sat like a dark rectangle at the top of the browser window surrounded by white space. A common malady in early noughties websites as the common resolutions were quite low :-(. I mapped out the site as it was and looked for ways to improve the user journey. I then created new a site map and formulated how to keep users engaged. The idea was to cut down on the slabs of text on the home page and hero pages.

I came up with a pattern of boxes that could be swapped in the CMS. Beyond the homepage there were two types of pages. Group pages and detail pages. When the content creator added a new detail page they also created the box that linked from the group page one up in the sitemap.

This site has now been consigned to history. Replaced by wider (I’m talking pixels), more interactive one. I see they’ve gone back to pages that lack unity and an old habit of main navigation items springing out spin-off site has crept back in. Maybe it’s time for a HTML 5 redesign Energizer!

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