Arnaldas 5 in HTML 5

Arnaldas 5, Exclusive Residential Properties

Arnaldas 5, Exclusive Residential Properties

When my friends at Web Theoria called and said “We are going to make a website is for a company selling a very large property in the heart of Nicosia business center. Are you interested and are there any cool things you can do in HTML 5?” Well the answer to both of those questions is yes.


It’s all about DHTML

Usually I’m Web Theoria’s ‘go-to’ guy for Flash. It was good to see that my hints and suggestions to switch to HTML and JavaScript had some impact. Now when their clients were asking for Flash sites they were talked round to the benefits of DHTML.

Here’s a list of tools I used when coding:

The new HTML 5 tags are great to use as building blocks. I cut back on the div tags. Instead section represented a scrollable screen, article a block and figure was used for copy. Within each screen the article blocks were arranged with CSS margins and float:left to recreate the designer’s artistic layouts.


The Arnaldas 5 website is live and kickin’. Check it on your iPad ;-)

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