‘B’ is for Bull!

"B" for Bull, "S" for Salesperson

"B" for Bull, "S" for Salesperson

This is the second in my series of Alphabet Animals. It plays on the well known saying, “Like a bull in a China shop!”, but with a twist. You can see the first one for ‘A’ here.


Bull Salesperson

I wanted this bull to feel right at home in the shop. There’s plenty of space so he won’t knock anything over (Maybe it’ a Department Store). He’ prissy, well turned out, and dressed to match the décor. And if that’s not enough to get that accross I’ve got him doing that most delicate of tasks, wrapping!

Bull Salesperson poster

Bull Salesperson poster

Unlike the Albatross drawing which is a direct ‘front on’ scene, this scene is looking down like CCTV (which fits with the shop concept). I feel this help promote the mildness of our friend the bull. It also shows off all the items of the counter, Bonnard styley!


A bit about the process

This follows my usual vector illustration workflow. A detailed pencil sketch in Sketchbook Pro, then into Adobe Illustrator for path making and colours.

Final illustration, before the Flare ‘old poster’ effect, follows iStockPhoto’s strict no transparency policy (saving to Illustrator 8 EPS). This made the glass front of the counter an interesting challenge! There’s no masks, all the shapes layering up to create the impression of depth inside the cabinet.

The final vector is available to buy on iStockPhoto.

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